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Recruitment Scam Warning

POPSUGAR has become aware that there are individuals posing as recruiters or POPSUGAR hiring managers online attempting to get personal information (including financial information) from candidates who believe they are applying for jobs at POPSUGAR. Recruitment fraud is a sophisticated phishing scam offering fake job opportunities to job seekers through legitimate job posting sites, fake websites, social media and emails claiming to be from or on behalf of a company. The scammers often request sensitive personal information and payments as part of their fake recruiting process.

Here’s some information to help you identify and avoid these scams.

  • POPSUGAR will never ask for your personal financial or banking information or require any financial commitment as part of our candidate search or application process. POPSUGAR will never ask you to purchase equipment and we will never require you to send money to POPSUGAR.
  • No job offers will be made at POPSUGAR without a formal interview process, and interviews are never conducted through social media, instant messaging or chat rooms.
  • In some cases, impersonators will use the POPSUGAR logo or the name of a real POPSUGAR manager. Double check the email address of the sender. If you receive an email from a sender that does not contain the address, please treat it as fraudulent. For example, and are fraudulent email addresses.
  • If you are unsure whether you are in contact with a legitimate POPSUGAR recruiter, contact us.
  • If you’re interested in working at POPSUGAR, please check our job openings.
At POPSUGAR you will...

Work with interesting people

At POPSUGAR, you will be surrounded by truly smart and interesting people. Our employees come from all kinds of backgrounds. Some speak five languages, some own their own music labels, and some design furniture on the side. We believe our diverse talents, interests, and experiences are what make POPSUGAR so unique.


We’re a fast-paced, social company where work and play mingle. Most people go to their day jobs and sneak in bits of POPSUGAR here and there, but living and breathing this stuff is what we get to do every day. Our Happiness Committee keeps the good times rolling with company-wide bingo, cocktail of the month happy hours, board game nights, birthday lunches, and more. We also can’t complain about celeb sightings at the office, hackathons in Napa, daily taste testings, and time off to volunteer.


We’re on a quest to help women live their happiest and healthiest lives. We have a passionate, “roll-up-your-sleeves” attitude, and believe great ideas can come from anywhere. We’re still small enough so that everyone can contribute with a CEO mindset. You'll also make an impact on the world by participating in our philanthropy program, PSGives.


We take care of our own. Yes, we offer the standard benefits like excellent healthcare and 401K matching. But we also think it’s important to provide perks that make life a little sweeter, like fitness reimbursements, commuter benefits and believe it or not - pet insurance!


Through PSGives, POPSUGAR aims to support charitable organizations around the world that empower people to live their best lives through inspiration, education, and healthy living. We are also committed to serving the communities in which we operate by supporting the organizations in each of our locations that we believe are having the greatest local impact and also by giving our employees the freedom to choose to donate their time and resources to organizations they are most passionate about.

Our employees are given time off throughout the year to volunteer at organizations of their choice and also have the opportunity to participate in various company-wide charitable activities. Check out our PSGives page to see POPSUGAR employees in action. POPSUGAR is also a proud member of SF Gives, a $10M corporate challenge that is bringing together local businesses, in partnership with Tipping Point Community, to fight poverty in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Diversity And Inclusion Statement

POPSUGAR is dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive company culture. We celebrate our differences and embrace the varying ideas, interests, and life experiences that make us who we are. As a company with a mission to inform and inspire people all over the world, we believe that employing individuals with diverse backgrounds is essential to building a successful, creative, and innovative business.

We work hard, play nice, and welcome those who do the same.

Whoever you are, you are POPSUGAR.

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